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WESG Hearthstone APAC: Day One Review

The first match-day of the LAN-qualifier WESG APAC in Hearthstone is over. All matches of the group stage were held throughout a single day, according to the results of which was formed a full list of the Playoffs' participants.

The final stage of the WESG APAC qualifiers was attended by the best 17 players of the online-qualifiers in Hearthstone within the aforementioned region. The LAN-finals' participants are battling for 6 tickets to the WESG Global Grand Finals and a prize pool of¥182 000 (~$28 000).


The strongest player within Group «А» happened to be the Thai Pagorn «Mikka» Kitmanomai, who passed the group stage, remaining undefeated. He is followed by Ryo «ReneKuroi» Shigekiyo. The Japanese player lost out to Mikka, but prevailed over Erlang and Frostee.

The first place within Group «B» is secured by the Malaysian Phun «Gilgamesh» Chai Wai, who won in all three matches. The next line is occupied by Tsun «losefield» Wing Fai. The esportsman from Hong Kong has finished his performance in the group stage with six points, outscoring strikeright and TypoVampire.

The upper hand among the Group «С» was gained by Michael «LordZeoLite» Ackroyd. The Australian player secured the same number of points as Euneil «Staz» Javinas, but, due to a victory in the eye-to-eye clash, finished a line higher. LordZeoLite and Staz moved forward to the Playoffs, while CangHai and Aaron were knocked out of the competition.

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The peculiarity of Group «D» was the number of participants: by contrast with the other groups, it consisted of five players. The victory within it was secured by the Australian Cameron «hughesy» Hughes and a citizen of Hong Kong — Leung «Shy» Pak Kan, who finished on the first and second line respectively. hughesy and Shy went ahead to the following stage of the tournament, accompanying a list of the Playoff's participants:

  •  Mikka
  •  ReneKuroi
  •  Gilgamesh
  •  losefield
  •  LordZeoLite
  •  Staz
  •  hughesy
  •  Shy

The aforementioned eight players will continue the battle for a cash prize of the LAN-finals of WESG HS APAC, amounted to¥182 000 (~$28 000), and will play for six tickets to the WESG Global Grand Finals with a total prize pool of ¥24 650 000 (~ $3 700 000).

You can discover the matches' schedule and players' seeding within the Playoffs via the link