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WESG EU: Team Russia will play against dignitas

In the next match within the semifinals of WESG Europe+CIS were fighting Team Russia vs A choice of the Russian team was de_mirage. Dmitry «hooch» Bogdanov & company realizied a range of five victorious rounds, after which the Poles found a way to retake the control and went on scoring points. Then Team Russia secured the initiative again and prevailed in the first half with a score of [11:4]. T-sided, failed to pick up a single round and was defeated on the first map [4:16].


Russian squad will compete with dignitas

After a small break, teams met on de_overpass. Despite the weak start, Team Russia managed to cut down the backlog and, at the end of the first half, reached the opponent as close as possible [7:8]. Having switched the side, the Poles secured the pistol-round, but then lost the control over the game's tide. Time and time again the Russian squad was preventing the rival's attack and, eventually, advanced to the finals of WESG Europe+CIS.


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