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WESG EU: win over Team Norway

On a parallel track with Astralis vs GODSENT were fighting Team Norway and The Norwegians picked de_cache and, shining with an excellent game in the first half, went for a switch-over with a double advantage [10:5]. T-sided, the players from Team Norway didn't lose their grip and went on, scoring points. were trying to reach the rival, but the Norwegian team happened to be stronger and finished the first map in their favor [16:10].

1475857445.3302 move forward through the tournament 

On de_dust2, the Finnish squad was leading the game up from the very beginning, prevailing in five rounds at a run. The team from Norway managed to pick up only three points and the first half went to After the change-over, Team Norway were trying to cut down the backlog, but their efforts happened to be insufficient and the score was finally leveled [1:1].

On the «decider-map», score was opened by the Norwegians. Despite the fact that they immediately picked up five points, the Finns managed to cut down the backlog [5:5] and, eventually, finished the side with a small advantage [9:6]. CT-sided, the team from Finland went on prevailing over the rival. Team Norway managed to capture the control back to their hands only twice and gained the upper hand on de_train [16:8].


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