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WESG EU: GODSENT will compete with dignitas

In the start-match of the Playoffs' stage Astralis were facing off GODSENT. A choice of the Danes fell on de_dust2. They kicked off with a highlight reel, realizing a series of six victirious rounds, after which the Swedes found a way to break up the shutout [6:1]. Then Astralis re-seized the initiative and, up to the end of the first half were leading the game [14:1]. After a switch-over, GODSENT managed to gain only four points and the first half was put on the board of the Danish team [16:5].


Swedish squad was fighting against Astralis

On de_mirage Astralis went on dominating the rivals and picked up eight rounds at a run. In the first half, the Swedish five found a way to secure only two points [2:13]. Having changed the side, GODSENT made an incredible «comeback» [16:14].

The decisive map was kicked off with victorious rounds for the team from Sweden. Despite this, Astralis braced up and, at the end of the first half, have gained six points, while GODSENT — nine [6:9]. T-sided, the Danes found a way to outrun the rivals and in the further game, control over the game's tide was changing the keeper at every turn.


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