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WESG EU: Alternate wins over Alliance

The final countering of the first gaming day within the LAN-finals of WESG EU + CIS in Dota 2 happened to be a meeting between Alliance and Alternate aTTaX. Before the start of a match, both teams had an equal number of points.


Loda and his team were defeated

Alternate picked Slark for Fey to play a role of main Carry, while in Alliance, Loda got Lifestealer. The Swedes spilled first blood, securing the initiative, and thus destroyed the first tower already during the 8th minute. In an early game, the squads were avoiding team fights, swapping the solo-kills.

At the 21st minute, Alliance took Roshan and went on increasing the advantage in gold. However, after a single successful clash, the Poles managed to cut down the backlog and started playing as equal. Then ATN put on their board one more team fight and smashed Tier-3 tower and a barrack on a middle of the line.

Slark by Fey seized the artefacts, necessary for a serious damage, thus strengthening  Alternate. Polish five have finally turned the tide of meeting and triumphed over Alliance, clinching the leadership in Group «D».

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