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WESG CS:GO APAC: Day Two Review

Matches of the Groups «С» and «D» within the confines of the LAN-finals of WESG APAC in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have reached the end and now we can discover a full list of the Playoffs' attendees.

Group «С»

The best result within Group «С» was shown by FIVE eSports Club. In a BO2-countering, the Chinese squad lost out one map to the players of Signature Gaming, but still prevailed over Mineski and Rascal Jester Absolute. The second place was secured by Signature Gaming, who finished two meetings with a draw and a victory. 

Mineski and Rascal Jester Absolute failed to gain a sufficient number of points and stop the performance within the contest. 


The Kazakh squad overwhelmed all opponents

Group «D»

The lead in Group «D» was secured by the team from Kazakhstan — k23. The Kazakhs have shown excellent gaming-skills, getting a place in the stage of Playoffs. Right after them, to the next stage of WESG CS:GO APAC, went the Malaisian team Orange Esports, who tied the game with Expendables and outscored m0nster. By the way, the aforementioned two teams have occupied the third and fourth lines, thus leaving the tournament.

A list of the Playoffs' participants looks as follows:

  •  VG.CyberZen
  •  Fire Dragoon
  •  Athletico
  •  ENZO
  •  FIVE
  •  Signature Gaming
  •  k23
  •  Orange Esports

We'd like to remind you that the prize pool of WESG CS:GO APAC amounts to ¥ 500,000 (~$75,000). Besides the cash prize, participants of the LAN-finals are fighting for 6 tickets to the WESG Global Grand Finals, with a total prize pool of ¥24 650 000 (~ $3 700 000).