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WESG Americas: QuetzaL overwhelmed TeamOne

QuetzaL faced off TeamOne within the third-place decider match. The first map in the countering was de_cobblestone. The control over the game was constantly changing the holder, but the first half, with a minimal advantage, was still secured by the Mexican squad [8:7]. After a changeover, the teams were playing on equal footing, but the upper hand was eventually secured by the Brazilian team [16:14].


The Mexican squad prevailed over the Brazilians

The next battlefield was de_mirage. The clash kicked off with a victorious rounds for QuetzaL, however, after the long-lasting domination, the Mexicans have slightly switched off, letting the Brazilians reach the opponents [7:8]. In the second half, the team from Mexico lost out only four rounds and finished the map with [16:11] in their favor.

After a small break, the teams met on the decider-map — de_dust2. CT-sided, the Mexicans won the side with double advantage [10:5], and then triumphed in six rounds at a run, thus gaining the upper hand on the third map [16:5].

Team QuetzaL seized the third line at the LAN-finals of WESG Americas, getting a cash prize of ¥120,000 (~$18,000).