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WESG Americas: Argentina prevailed over Elite Wolves

Matches of the first gaming day within the final stage of the American qualifiers for WESG were resumed with a countering between Argentina and Elite Wolves.


Argentina outscored the enemy

The teams were fighting on de_cache. Elite Wolves picked up the pistol-round, but then the Argentines managed to realize a force-buy and the following two rounds. Then the squad from Peru re-seized the initiative and outscored the rival. Despite this, Team Argentina strengthened the positions and went for changeover with a double advantage of [10:5].

T-sided, the Argentinian roster overwhelmed the enemy in the pistol's and following five rounds, thus gaining the upper hand at the score of [16:5].

The next match will be held between Team Quetzal and Force Of Nature. You can watch the live stream at StarLadder_cs_en.

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