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WESG 2017 F.A.Q

WESG 2017 regional qualifier is coming and there are still many questions to be answered. Right before the upcoming start of tournament we have created a special F.A.Q for the players. Pay your special attention to it and you will find everything that you wanted to know.

Q. National ID instead of passport. Can a player take part without Passport?

А: A player must provide a document, that proves citizenship of a country that he represents. For further participation in Regional Finals a player must have a passport for visa issuing. If a player / team don't provide passports, he (she) will be replaced by another player/team, according to the Qualification results.

Q. Participation for players, who are living in the territory of foreign country, having a "residence permit" or "work permit”. Are they eligible to participate?

A: The area from which the player takes part in the tournament does not matter. His location will affect his ping only. The main rule is — citizenship of the country that a player represents. For example, the team consists of five Turkish citizens who live in Germany, such team can take part in the tournament as a team representing Turkey.

Q: My country is not stated in the list of qualifiers. What should I do?

А: If you didn’t find your country in the list of the open qualifiers – it means that it must be in some other region.

Q. Are there any prizes in online stage of qualification?

A. Only slot to Regional LAN are provided. A player or a team receive prize only in case their participation in Regional LAN Qualifier.

Q: Are there any age the approval for participants?

A: No. Any player can take part in the WESG Qualification. In case if underage player receives a slot into Regional LAN — he can take part in the tournament only with approval of parents / trustee.

Q: What «travel support» means? Do you cover visa expenses?

A: Travel support covers flights from point A to point LAN-final and back, full accommodation in hotel and the visa fee.

Q: Will we be picked up at the airport? How will we get to the venue?

А: The StarLadder company meets every participant of Europe and Americas Regional LAN-final according to the previously prepared lists of players’ arrivals and provides transfer from airport to the tournament’s venue. For other regions you should contact the representatives.

Q: Can a player participate in the tournament if his account is VAC banned in CS:GO?

A: No. Any players who are VAC banned in CS:GO on any of their accounts will be immediately disqualified.

Q: Can a player participate in the tournament if he is suspended by Valve for match-fixing?

A: No.

Q: What happens to the team of a VAC banned / Valve suspended player?

A: Any team with a VAC banned / Valve suspended player in CS:GO in its roster during the tournament will be disqualified as well.

Q: What maps will be played on the tournament?

A: The tournament will only use the Valve official versions of the maps in the Active Duty Map Group.