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WESG СS:GO EU: Day One Review

The first match-day within WESG Europe + CIS in СS:GO is over and now it's high time to sum up. Twenty teams were divided into four group and each of them already has the clear leader.


Group «A»

A countering within Group «A» was marked with a clash between GODSENT and Pixel. Despite the fact that the Swedish five was previously considered to be the meeting's favourites, the Hungarians shone with quite a stable game. However, Pixel happenedto be not strong enough to win the first match, being defeated with [19:15]. The Swedes finished the current gaming day with six points on their board and seized the first line in Group «А». Speaking about the Hungarian squad, they managed to deal only with one out of three rivals. The second place was reached by team Kinguin: two games without a single loss. Team Ukraine finished the match-day with one victory and one defeat. The last place was taken by the French team Espoir.

Group «B»

In Group «B» were competing the following teams: Team EnVyUS, dd, Astralis, FISH4LIFE and ALTERNATE aTTaX. The first line was clinched by EnVyUS, who managed to pick up two matches out of two. dd prevailed over fish123 in a hard game that was finished with a result of [19:15], so now they are securing the second line within the group. Nearby the Belgians have stopped the Danes from Astralis, defeating ALTERNATE aTTaX with a final score of [16:12]. The team from Germany, respectively, lost out to Astralis and failed to deal with the French team, thus taking the last line in the tournament table.


Group «С»

In Group «С» we were expected by a splash. At first, met .Russia. Spectators witnessed an equal countering among these teams and, eventually, the Poles were defeated with a final score of [19:22]. The further rival for the Polish team happened to be the squad from Norway,but they also failed to brace up, thus being defeated [5:16]. Team Norway, by the way, triumphed in a battle against Guerilla Method, thus securing the first place within the group. Bpro Gaming have also played against Guerilla Method and gained the upper hand, so now they may be found at the second line of the tournament table.

Group «D»

In the current gaming day the first spot within Group «D» was secured by the Danes from dignitas. They played in three matches, clinching three vicrtories. The second line is occupied by the team k1ck old with one triumphs. The third and fourth sides were taken by and Epsilon eSports, as each of them has 3 points on the board. On the last line of the tournament table are located EYESPORTS, who lost out in two matches.

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