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Welcome the challenge: StarCraft: Remastered Open Series and Pro Series!

StarLadder is proud to announce a new global competition: StarCraft: Remastered Open Series and StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series, supported by Blizzard Entertainment!

About the tournament and who can play

The goal for StarCraft: Remastered Open Series and Pro Series is to demonstrate further support to non-Korean StarCraft players by arranging a big global tournament. This means that the event will be closed to Korean players, but open to everyone else.

The tournament will be divided into two parts. The first one will be StarCraft: Remastered Open Series, where amateur players can take part. The winners of Open Series will then join the world’s top non-Korean players to fight for glory and their part of the prize pool in StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series.

The tournament will take place on a European server and will use European time slots. However, for the Pro Series part, we will use 2 different time slots, so players from different regions will be able to choose the one more suitable for them.

StarCraft: Remastered Open Series

The Open Series part is reserved for amateur players, meaning any player with a ladder rating below 2000. At the registration deadline, we will check the MMR of every player and divide them into Open Series and Pro Series.

StarCraft: Remastered Open Series will be played in 6 stages, with each stage gathering players of nearly the same skill level. Here is the basic idea (slight changes may be made depending on the number of players and their ratings):

Stage F: 0 – 1199 MMR
Stage E: 1200 – 1399 MMR
Stage D: 1400 – 1599 MMR
Stage C: 1600 – 1799 MMR
Stage B: 1800 – 1999 MMR
Stage A: Double Elimination Playoffs

Every stage from F do B represents a Group Stage of a Dual Tournament system (which is currently used on ASL and GSL). The 2 best players from each group will advance to the next stage, and the 2 best players of the Stage A will be granted spots in StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series.

StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series

The registered players with a MMR of 2000 or higher by the registration deadline will enter StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series. However, only the 16 best players will compete in the Main Stage of Pro Series, and will be selected as follows:

  • 8 players with the highest MMR
    Once StarCraft: Remastered Open Series starts, we will also launch the Ladder Stage for Pro Series. The registered players will have exactly 1 month to play on the ladder and reach the highest MMR possible. Then we will close the Ladder Stage and pick the top 8 players, while others will still be able to jump in via Qualifiers.
  • 6 players from 3 Qualifiers
    We will arrange 3 Double Elimination Qualifiers, and 2 players from each will advance to the Main Stage of Pro Series.
  • 2 players from StarCraft: Remastered Open Series
    The last 2 spots will be given to the best amateur players, so they can challenge the world’s best players outside Korea.


A total of 16 players will enter the main stage of StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series and will play in the Group Stage of the Swiss Triple Elimination system. This means that every player should have 1 match per week against a player with the same current score. The player who achieves 3 victories will advance to the playoffs, where it takes 3 defeats to be knocked out.

In 5 tours and 4 weeks, we will reach the playoffs, where 8 players will compete in a classic Single Elimination system and fight for the prize pool of 1,500 USD.

Prize pool

1st place: 600 USD
2nd place: 300 USD
3rd-4th places: 150 USD
5th-8th places: 75 USD


June 20: Registration opening

June 28: Opening of StarCraft: Remastered Open Series (every Saturday and Sunday, 18:00 – 23:00 CEST)

June 28: Opening of StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series Ladder Stage

July 28: Closing of StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series Ladder Stage

August 3-5: StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series Qualifiers

August 11: Opening of StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series Group Stage (every Saturday, 11:00 – 15:00 CEST, and Sunday, 18:00 – 23:00 CEST)

September 8-9: StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series Playoffs

September 15: StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series Final

How to register

Registration for StarCraft: Remastered Open Series and StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series will take place on the tournament website. To enter, please register at the links below:

If your current MMR is below 2000: Register to StarCraft: Remastered Open Series

If your current MMR is 2000 or higher: Register to StarCraft: Remastered Pro Series

Do not forget to enter your BattleTag in the ‘ ID’ field. To find out what your BattleTag is, please click on your pseudonym in your Blizzard App. It will look like this: Pseudonym#1234.

We must have your BattleTag to know your MMR and seed you into one of the stages. Players without a BattleTag or with an incorrect BattleTag will not be granted access.


Q: I don’t have StarCraft: Remastered; can I play in the tournament with a free version of StarCraft: Brood War?
A: Unfortunately, no. StarCraft: Brood War doesn’t support the matchmaking system, which means that we can’t evaluate your skill and place you into the proper stage. So, in order to avoid the one-sided matches as much as possible, we will have to void the players without ratings, even though they may be okay with starting in the lowest stage.

Q: I don’t have time to play 10 games in matchmaking; can I just lose 10 games quickly?
A: No, because this will make your rating lower than it should be. Intentional lowering of your rating is forbidden, and any players doing so will be banned. This also applies to the 2000+ players who could attempt to lower their MMR or make new accounts to advance from the Open Series tournament to Pro Series. The StarCraft: Remastered community is transparent, and we will investigate any suspicious activity.

Q: I’m Korean, but I live in another country; can I play?
A: We can’t allow you to play if the nationality specified on your passport is Korean or if you currently live in Korea.

Q: Does this mean that players from other Asian countries can participate?
A: They can take part as long as they are able to play with people from around the world with an acceptable connection quality. Acceptable means Turn Rate 14 or higher and Latency 0 (Low) or 1 (High). If lags are too severe, our referees can void players and give technical wins to their opponents.

Q: I still have questions; whom can I ask?
A: Please contact us via email at [email protected] or join our Discord channels: