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London Time — twofold champions of DOTA Summit took the first place at DOTA Summit 7, overpowering Team Secret in the final countering, and won $42,500. — the winner DOTA Summit 7

The first map was kicked off with Puppey and company leading the way. During the laning-stage, Team Secret held a bigger number of effective ganks, almost not losing the heroes, thus getting a comfortable advantage. On the 23rd minute won a fight on the Roshpit and tried to turn the game's tide, but this happened to be insufficient. Team Secret went on, looking for the opponents within all map and were performing good kills. With each passing minute, an advantage of the European team was increasing and, having prevailed in another team fight, Team Secret made the opponents give up.

In the second round of this BO5, the teams were going toe-to-toe for a while. On the 25th minute lost all central towers, but after a few winning clashes and a kill of Roshan on the 32nd minute «The Brears» managed to turn the game's tide in their favor. VP left the opponents without all external towers and then smashed all three sides. Team Secret failed to withstand this and was defeated in this fight [1:1].  

On the third map were playing pretty confident, finishing the major part of clashes in their favor. Already on the 21st minute Team Secret lost all external towres and were forced to defend their base. VP entered the enemy's highground for three times and smashed all buildings, thus taking the lead in maps [2:1].

Team Secret managed to take a revange in the following round. During the whole fourth map Puppey and company were dictating their terms of the game and were winning fights, even not losing the heroes. Losing out in more than 17 000 of gold on the 20th minute, failed to deal with the another rival's attack, which was the final one, so the score stopped at [2:2].

The decider-map was set off with a run of kills by the Russian squad, however, Team Secret managed to retake the initiative, slightly reducing the backlog in charts. For some time the teams were playing as equal, but in the stage of midgame, VP managed to take the lead again. The European team was trying to turn the game's tide, but  «The Bears» were confirming the lead at every turn. On the 40th minute entered the highground of the opponents, won the fight and smashed buildings, left the opponents without buy-backs and gained the upper hand in this BO5-clash.

Thus, became the champion of the seventh season within DOTA Summit and won $42,500, while Team Secret secured the second place and took a money prize of $22,500.

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