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Virtus.Pro eliminated the rival

Matches of SL i-LeagueDota Invitational are being at the very height at the moment. The third match day has begun with a battle in the lower bracket, where teams Russian Federation Virtus.Pro faced off against China Vici Gaming Reborn. 25835889373_40880f02b5_c The diagrams of both teams were similar during the entire first game. The result of the game was decided by only one battle. Russian Federation Virtus.Pro did a great fight in the opponent’s highground, and China VG.Reborn remained without buybacks. sSibJsbx1zk After being defeated, China VG.Reborn carefully analyzed their mistakes, what had a positive result in the end. From the beginning of the game the Chinese collective started to intrude their game. Due to having two hands of midas, Russian Federation Virtus.Pro’s central heroes were good enough in the Net Worth graphs, but were powerless in fights. The confident victory of China VG.Reborn, and the action was to be carried on the third map. i9UORaqyS4I China VG.Reborn went on pushing Russian Federation Virtus.Pro in the deciding battle. “The bears” tried hardly to align the situation, but the opponent was stronger almost in all fights. The victory of China VG.Reborn was only a matter of time. They took Roshan, Cheese and Aegis and started to push the opponent’s base, in which rather easily destroyed team Russian Federation Virtus.Pro. WVb6-baLNpg