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Vici Gaming are the first to leave SL i-League Invitational S3

Mineski have shown a brilliant game and won over Vici Gaming in the elimination-match at SL i-League Invitational S3, keeping a chance to reach the Playoffs. 

Vici Gaming are going home

On the first map the viewers had a chance to observe a classic Asian «Dota»: the teams were avoiding massive fights, which could cause a fatal mistake, were farming for core-heroes and prolonging the game till the stage of hyper-late. Mineski were the first to make a heavy blow to Vici, securing a control over the moves throught the map and soon the Chinese were pressed on their base. Vici Gaming were holding their defending positions for quaite a long time, but still failed to deal with the rival's Tinker and Venomancer. That caused the victory of Mineski in the first game, which lasted for 48 minutes. 

In the following game Mineski picked almost the same set of heroes, but this time they have build a tactic around Anti Mage. The squads were quite careful again, playing as equal from the very beginning of the clash. However, over some time Vici started dropping their guard down, repeating the scenario of the previous map.

The players of team Mineski were killing enemy's heroes, had a control over the biggest part of map and were killing Roshan without any resistance, giving out Aegis for the well-paced Anti Mage. Being afraid of an close confrontation with the enemy's carry and his «second life», Vici Gaming lost all their towers on the top-lane after the 32nd minute. Mineski went on, pressing, while Vici  failed to withstand the rival's onslaught and gave up in front of the unavoidable defeat. 

Vici Gaming leave SL i-League Invitational S3, finishing on the last place of group «А» and on the 7-8th in the tournament table. The Chinese team has earned $7.500. While Mineski will continue the fight on the Kiev Minor, playing against SG e-sports in the upcoming decider-match.