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VG.Reborn are champions of SL i-League Dota Invitational!

The roar of the crowd, loud applause and fascinating atmosphere – this was the Grand-Final of the first Dota Invitational tournament by SL and i-League! In the final battle for the main prize Ukraine Natus Vincere faced off against China Vici Gaming Reborn. AuBtRIP5Syg

Having great support of fans, Ukraine Natus Vincere began the first game with a huge advantage on the score and the diagrams. China VG.Reborn  were in a role of catching for a long time, but just one fight on Roshan allowed them to take a lead. After that, the diagrams were raising more and more for the Chinese.

Fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere held their breath: China VG.Reborn confidently moved to the highground of the opponent, when their favorites were not in good conditions.

This fight was insane. At the beginning of the battle, Ukraine Natus Vincere lost Dendi, who didn’t have buyback. It seemed that China VG.Reborn were ready to destroy the throne of the Ukrainian team, but players of Ukraine Na’Vi were fighting till the end and even being in the minority, they found an opportunity to overcome the opponent’s attacks. There was a round of cheers in the hall, Ukraine Natus Vincere were back in the game and destroyed two sides of China VG.Reborn.

The key battle took place on the mid, where General put a great sphere on three players, and Ukraine Natus Vincere’s heroes did everything possible. The perfect first map finished in favor of the Ukrainian team.

V2w7ANU3AeA The second map was dictated by China VG.Reborn. Even after a good start of Ukraine Natus Vincere, the situation was worsening exponentially to the 15th minute. Windranger and Gyrocopter punished heroes of Ukraine Natus Vincere without any efforts and leveled the score in the match. mqblmeQpAl8

A game of Ukraine Natus Vincere on the third map wasn’t working out. From the beginning, the Chinese collective confidently leaded the diagrams and left almost no chances for a comeback for the Ukrainian team.

An organized and safe play including a good draft realization let the Chinese team win the third map.

sN0DnxO5ZRE The forth map was very intensive. China VG.Reborn were close to the victory in the tournament, but the fans and the Ukraine Na’Vi team could lose everything. The Ukrainian stack must find the strength and show maximum of their opportunities. Unfortunately for all fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere, they couldn’t lift the cup over their heads.

The game was incredibly tense. China VG.Reborn was leading by the diagrams more than 10,000 gold and Ukraine Na`Vi decided to act desperately – they bought Rapier for Gyrocopter. And, on the first push of China VG.R on their base, the Ukrainians lost absolutely everything. Ukraine Na’Vi were trying hard to fight, but the victory in this match was impossible for them.