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Vega Squadron to fight with North in Round 5 of FACEIT Major

FACEIT Major: The New Challengers Stage has reached its closing part. We present you the draw for the fifth round of the qualifier, where the last three tickets to the group stage of the championship will be played off.

Vega FACEIT Major

Vega will have their last chance to make it to the top-16 in the match against North
photo credit: FACEIT

We will see only three matches in the final phase of the main qualifier, but each of them will be played in Best of 3. Winners of these matches will secure themselves the place in The New Legends Stage. There, TyLoo will face off against Team Spirit, OpTic Gaming will meet BIG, and Vega Squadron will put North to the test.

You can watch the last round of The New Challengers Stage on the official Russian broadcast at starladder5. Schedule of the fifth day is available on our website.