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Vega leave the Tournament

Despite the early time of the day, the Minsk Arena stadium was full and the viewers were ready to watch the spectacular fights. d2_ru Vega Squadron had a big responsibility, since they were the only CIS representatives in the decisive stage of the final. In addition, they were going uo against strongest team of the world d2_us Evil Geniuses!


On the first map d2_us EG imidiately took everything under their control. They would get the possible maximum from all lanes and made d2_ru Vega Squadron play passively. The pressure of the world champions did not stop, and at the 20th minute they got near the high ground of the rival. d2_ru Vega managed to stand up to d2_us EG during their first few attempts to enter the ramp, and d2_us EG had to stop the attack on the rival's base for a while.

At that moment d2_ru Vega Squadron decided to seize the initiative and tried to implement something with the smoke. Unfortunately, the try did not end up successfully  — d2_us Evil Geniuses were showing remarkable coordination in team fights, and, as a result, d2_ru Vega lost the first map.


The second game was way more cheerful. This time d2_ru Vega did not sit back in the defense and would constantly force fights, though their pick was designed more for split pushing.

After a few failed team fights, d2_ru Vega finally decided to get back to the work, to the pushing, but it was too late. Lone Druid had the huge Net Worth and would do away with the buildings of the rivals not worse than all the five heroes of d2_ru Vega put together. In addition, d2_us Evil Geniuses continued to demonstrate excellent team work in fights. d2_ru Vega Squadron were not able to defense and were forced to write «GG».