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Vega is the first to leave SL i-LeagueDota Invitational

A CIS derby between teams Russian Federation Vega Squadron and Russian Federation was awaited in the first match of the second match day. Unfortunately, the teams faced off in the lower bracket, and one of them had to leave the tournament. 26440694045_6bb131b23c_k Russian Federation Vega was fully dominating on the first map. From the first minutes, they started to gain a huge advantage and destroyed the first barracks of Russian Federation Virtus.Pro on the 19th minute. Russian Federation Vega having mopped up with one of the competitor's sides, took Roshan and deservedly won the first game. NkCi57M3Pac The second game was the absolute opposite of the first one. Russian Federation Virtus.Pro’s draft was focused on the fast push, so they started attacking straight away. The first barracks of team Russian Federation Vega were ruined on the 14th minute. The advantage of more than 15, 000 gold gave Russian Federation Virtus.Pro an opportunity of a confident victory. Everything what “the sharks” had to do was to go all-in. Gyrocopter took Rapier, and Russian Federation Vega started a smoke attack, which didn’t run successfully. 62HylruHwPQ The bears started the decider with a good draft, with which it was hard for Russian Federation Vega to cope. Russian Federation VP delayed the opposing team, diverting attention from the push of Broodmother. Russian Federation Virtus.Pro had a huge advantage on the 20th minute, and didn’t manage to resist against it – Russian Federation Vega Squadron are the first who have left the tournament. 81bd1p1tQ8Q