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Valve to change Glock-18 and P250 in the next CS:GO-update

During the night of 12 to 13 September, CS:GO developers published the details of the next update via the official blog. Continuing their rework of the pistols, Valve took on P250 and Glock-18, changing damage, accuracy and some other characteristics.

The changes of this update have not entered into force for the main client of CS:GO yet. The update is available for a test only in a BETA-client.

List of changes for a update
Size: close to 5MB


  • • Significantly reduced unarmored aimpunch;
  • Additional changes to pistols with the goal of emphasizing skillful use of the weapons.

[Glock-18]: Slight adjustments favoring accurate players who close the distance to their opponent.

  • • Increased base damage
  • • Reduced damage at longer distances
  • • Slightly improved accuracy while firing rapidly
  • • Slightly improved accuracy while moving

[P250]: The P250 has been adjusted to reward longer-distance engagements, particularly against unarmored opponents.

  • • Increased base damage
  • • Reduced armor penetration
  • • Improved damage at longer distances
  • • Reduced accuracy while moving

This wasn’t mentioned in the patch-list, but looks like Valve accidentally changed a few parameters of CZ-75. It was introduced by SlothSquadron. However, it’s not a fact that those changes will be added with the final release.


  • • Armor ratio has been reduced from 1.553 to 1.28;
  • • Range modifier has been degraded from 0.85 to 0.90;
  • • Moving accuracy has been degraded from 13.41 to 20.00;

Don’t you still know how to try a BETA-client of CS:GO? This could be done very simple. 

  • • Go to Steam Library;
  • • Find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, press the right mouse button on it and choose Properties
  • • Find a BETA-tests section in the new tab and open it;
  • • Choose the needed beta-version, that you want to participate in (in this case, a update).