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Unique, DiNG, Tornado Energy and Oops advance to playoffs

After three days of the group stage, 4 teams left the tournament, and 8 advanced to the playoffs and are preparing for tomorrow's games.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
DiNG (Europe ) Tornado Energy (CIS) Elevate (North America) YaTo RSGaming (Asia)
TopTier (South America) Kazna Kru (Europe) RUSH (CIS) YiNuo Gaming (China)
Steel Man (China) Seven Pirates (Asia) Oops TTG (Europe) UNIQUE (CIS)


Having an impeccable victory with a score 5:0, DiNG advanced to the quarterfinals from the group stage on the first place. TopTier on the second. Steel Man left the tournament.

Unique at the last second shot down YaTo RSGaming with a score of 5:3 and finished on the first place in the group. YaTo RSGaming - on the second.

RUSH went home! Unexpectedly for fans CIS, the team was defeated in the group, Oops and Elevate advanced to the playoffs!

Tornado Energy took the first place in the group with a score of 5:3, beating Kazna Kru. Their opponents are also in the playoffs, with the second place in the group.

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