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SL i-League StarSeries – Tickets are Already On Offer!

Two international computer games leagues StarLadder from CIS and i-League from China team up to hold a joint season for the most popular modern esports discipline such as Dota 2 and -Strike: Global Offensive. The prize fund of the season is 500 000 US Dollars. The strongest teams and players from all over the world have entered the battle for the right to take part in the Minsk LAN Final – virtual fights will begin in a few months in such regions as Europe, CIS, Southeast Asia, America and China. Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans will see the strongest teams of the world alive in the arena of the «Minsk Arena» stadium that can hold up to 18 000 spectators.

In each discipline you will see only the best of the best. Among the main applicants for the champion title of the season there will be the current champions of The International – Evil Geniuses, and also legendary shooters from Fnatic and G2 teams. Who will provide competition to these teams? LGD or Team Secret or Na`Vi? TSM or EnVyUs? We'll find out very soon.

Current list of participants of the SL i-League StarSeries LAN final in Minsk (list is being updated)

   Dota 2    CS:GO
  • Evil Geniuses
  • coL
  • LGD
  •  Alliance
  •  Vega
  •  Team Spirit (ex-CIS Rejects)
  • TBA (Europe)
  • TBA (SEA)
  • TBA (invited by the organizers)
  • TBA (invited by the organizers)
  • Fnatic
  • G2
  •  Na`Vi
  •  TITAN
  •  ex-TSM
  • TBA (America)
  • TBA (America)
  • TBA (China)

Dates: 15-17 January 2016.

Games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive и Dota 2 Vanue: «Minsk Arena» Adress: the Republic of Belarus, Minsk city, Pobediteley avenue, 111

Price of the ticket: 6 USD


minsk arena

A unique game stage was designed for this event, and huge additional screens will be used for the broadcasts, the quality of which was always a calling card of StarLadder. Every visitor will be able to meet and speak with world gaming starts, take part in an autograph signing session, get into the competitive spirit and enjoy spectacular matches. The joint season by StarLadder and i-League keeps general traditions of two companies. One of the main goals is to hold a high quality broadcast for each viewer. For the first time in the CIS region the most popular Russian, English and Chinese commentators will be working beside each other. The event will be covered in fifteenth languages, and in total a few hundreds of people will be involved. The result of joint work will be a truly new product that will unite professional players and bring a real esports show to fans from all corners of the world.
For the attention of all Hearthstone fans, detailed information about the dates and venue of the Minsk LAN Final in this discipline will appear on our website on 14 December.