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There it is — the sixteenth season of ProSeries

You didn't really think that the fifteenth season would be the final one? If you didn't, then we have some news that you might like. Only a single day is separating us from the start of the matches within SLTV ProSeries S16, the total prize pool of which has slightly increased, and now amounts to $2,000.


ProSeries division — is a prime aspect of the way of any successful e-sportsman. As before, there is only one possible path to reach the Pro — through AmSeries.

General information:

Participants: 32 teams Prize pool: $2,000 Start of the season: 28th June 2016

Follow-up system:

As in previous, the participants are expected by three group stages and the Playoffs. All teams will be divided into eight groups, four mixtures in each, but only the strongest six squads will reach the final stage.

The first group stage:

Here the participants will play one match, paired up, in BO3 format. To the next stage will advance only 2 teams from each of the groups.


The teams, who take 1-2nd places, will advance to the next stage, while 3-4th places will go to the division below the rank – AmSeries.

The second group stage:

Here sixteen rosters will compete for the chance to move forward to the third group's. Similarly to the previous stage, only two top teams from each group will make headway.


Following the results of games played, the teams, who rank 3-4th places, will appear in the next season of ProSeries.

The third group stage:

Участники проведут по три встречи (каждая с каждой) в формате BO3 (до двух побед). В стадию play-off пройдут три команды из каждой группы.


The participants will hold three meetings (against each other) in BO3 format (till two wins). To the play-off stage will advance three teams from each group.

The Play-off stage:

According to the places taken in the last qualifying round, the leaders of each group will get a slight advantage by starting the clash from the second round. All the Playoff's matches will be played in BO3 format.

The prize pool division: $1000 – 1st place, $700 – 2nd place and $300 – 3rd place.