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The lists of invited teams to the closed qualifiers for SEA, MENA, and EA regions

Six regions will be involved in the qualifying stage for Asia Minor Championship. Today, we are ready to reveal the names of the teams that have accepted invitations to the closed qualifiers in SEA, MENA, and East Asia.

StarLadder Major

Alpha Red, Lucid Dream, BOOT-d[S], and TNC are the lineups that have confirmed their participation in the SEA qualifier. In the qualifier for MENA, those teams are NASR, NOM, FFAmix (ex-Firemix), and Portal. In regards to East Asia, the invites have been distributed among MVP.PK, Absolute, ex-Storm Riders, and Ignis.

The lists of invited teams

SEA MENA East Asia
Lucid Dream NOM Absolute
BOOT-d[S] FFAmix (ex-Firemix) ex-Storm Riders
TNC Portal Ignis

The closed qualifiers for SEA, MENA, and EA will have eight participants each. One half of them consists of winners from the open qualifiers, and the other one is filled by invited teams. In each of the aforementioned regions, one ticket to the LAN-finals of Asia Minor Championship will be played off. 

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StarLadder Major 2019 Official Rulebook and Regulations