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The Kiev Major: A victorious day for Team Secret and VP

The second gaming-day of the closed qualifier for The Kiev Major is finished. The quals' participants from Europe, CIS, South-Eastern Asia, South and North America reached the stage of Playoffs, while in China was played only a half of the matches within the group stage.

Puppey, Team Secret, Dota 2

Team Secret remained undefeated through the second match-day


Keeping the same pace, continued their winning streak on the second gaming day and won 5 matches in a row. As a result — 9:0 on the «bears'» board and the first place in the group. 

In the Playoffs of the CIS quals, VP will be accompanied by Team Empire, Team Spirit and Natus Vincere. The latter took the 4th place in the tournament table, prevailing over Comanche in the decider-clash.

The teams' seeding within the group looks as follows:

In the next stage of the qualifier, the invincible Virtus.Pro will face off against Na’Vi, while Spirit will take through their paces Team Empire.

The Playoffs' bracket:


In the European qualifying division, Team Secret occupied the first place in the group. Secret have already managed to repeat the deed of, who have perfectly finished the first stage, but still lost one match out of nine played — a game against The Alliance.

On the second place have stopped players of the team B)ears, a result of which is 7:2, while on the third and fourth — Ninjas in Pyjamas and Alliance respectively, who obtain 6 wins and 3 losses.

The teams' seeding within the group looks as follows:

The clash within the European region will go on quite soon: Team Secret will play against NiP, while B)ears will face The Alliance. 

The Playoffs' bracket:

South-Eastern Asia

The strongest teams in the SEA-region happened to be Clutch Gamers, TNC Pro Team, Team Faceless and Mineski.GGNetwork. 

The teams' seeding within the group looks as follows:

It's up to those four teams to continue their performance in the stage of Playoffs of the SEA-quals, where, in the Double Elimination BO3-bracket they will decide the destiny of 2 tickets to the LAN-finals of The Kiev Major

The Playoffs' bracket:


Following the outcome of the first match-day, a clear leader in the Chinese division may be called Vici Gaming. VG picked up each out of five played matches, prevailing over LGD Gaming, Invictus Gaming, CAVALRY, Young Elite and Team MAX. 

Following the Vici, have stopped CDEC Gaming, who have also played five matches, but, unlikely the leader of the group, lost one of them. On the third and fourth lines of the standings are located Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming Potential, who finished the first day with the score of 3:1. 

The teams' seeding within the group looks as follows:

North and South America

The group stage in the NA-region has finished with a triumph of Team NP, who, after two days of the contest remained undefeated. They are followed by the players of compLexity, while the third and fourth lines of the table went to Team Onyx and Team Freedom.

The teams' seeding within the group looks as follows:

In the stage of Playoffs, where the aforementioned squads will play for the slot in the LAN-finals of The Kiev Major, Team NP will face off against Team Freedom, while coL will fight against Team Onyx.

The Playoffs' bracket:

In turn, the group stage in the South America was successfully passed by Infamous Gaming, SG e-sports, Not Today and Midas Club Elite.

The teams' seeding within the group looks as follows:

The seeding in the tournament table of the Playoffs will be published in the closest time.

You can follow the tide of the closed quals for The Kiev Major and other news from the upcoming Major-event in Dota 2 on our site.