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Team Secret to face off against in the Grand Finals of The Chongqing Major

Team Secret have advanced to the Grand Finals of The Chongqing Major, where they will be up against for the second time in this tournament. In the final match of the Lower Bracket, Secret defeated Evil Geniuses with a 2-0 score.

Team Secret Dota 2

The first map lasted for 33 minutes. Starting with the early game, Secret were constantly earning advantage over the rival, and due to a successful teamfight on the 20th minute, they increased their lead in terms of net worth to 9,000 points. EG were surrounded on their base, sustaining huge casualties in every fight they entered. As they were far behind their opponent, Evil Geniuses decided to surrender.

The key hero for Secret was Gyrocopter, who was played by Michał "Nisha" Jankowski. He dealt 28,5k of hero damage and 15,2k of damage on buildings, and that was the best number on the server.

The second game had also ended in favor of Team Secret. Secret dominated their opponents, having control over the greater part of the map. The decisive teamfight was held on the 28th minute when EG left their base defenseless after being crushed by Secret. Right after that, Team Secret moved forward from the middle lane, destroyed enemy’s two main towers and sieged the Ancient, which Evil Geniuses failed to defend. 

Evil Geniuses are taking the 3rd place at The Chongqing Major, securing themselves $100,000 and 2100 DPC points. On the other hand, Team Secret are moving on to the Grand Finals, where they will fight in Best of 5 for the championship title of the Major.