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Team Russia place 3rd at WESG CS:GO Grand Final

Team Russia have become the bronze prize-winners at WESG CS:GO Grand Final and earned $150,000 of the prize-money after confidently defeating Team One.

On the first map, the Russian national team took Overpass as its own map-pick and used the advantage of it, winning over the Brazilians with the score of 16-11. And again, Denis "electronic" Sharipov had the best numbers on the server: 1.90 HLTV KDR, 32-16 K-D, 131.3 ADR. TeamOne tried to close the gap on following Train, but they failed in the end. Team Russia gained the victory, 16-14, and finished on the 3rd place.

There is only one match left before the end of WESG CS:GO 2017. It's all about the grand-final between Space Soldiers and Fnatic. The broadcast of this game will be held on wesg_csgo channel.