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Team Merkel to play at WESG EU Finals

Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier’s squad, Team Merkel, has prevailed in the online-qualifier WESG Germany and won the only one for the region spot of LAN-finalist for WESG Europe.

Originally, it was planned to play off two tickets to the tournament in Barcelona among teams from Germany. However, the organizers of WESG decided to take away spots from the Danish and German regions in order to give them to South-East Europe and South-East CIS+Turkey, and that made the fight in these qualifiers even more principle.

Since only five teams have participated in WESG: Germany qualifier, Team Merkel didn’t have to win a lot of matches before earning the spot. Black^ and co. outplayed Headshot Syndicate and Kindergarten without major problems, both times with a 2-0 score, and finished the performance with being undefeated and having the ticket to Barcelona in the bag.

Team Merkel become the next confirmed participant of WESG EU Finals in Dota 2, which will be held from 22-26 November in Barcelona and have $92,500 of the prize-money. But the main interest of the participants is 12 tickets to WESG Global Finals, the prize-pool of which will raise to $1,5 million in the Dota 2 division.