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Team Liquid — the champions of SL i-League StarSeries S3

In the final countering within SL i-League StarSeries S3 VG.J have faced off against Liquid. The winner of this match was granted the champion's cup and 135 000 $, while the loser took a money prize of 60 000 $.

Team Liquid — the champions of SL i-League StarSeries S3

The first map was set off with active moves of the support-heroes of the both teams. The time-to-time exchanges of the heroes didn't decide the strongest on the laning phase, so the teams were playing toe-to-toe for a great while. The first crucial fight was held on the 27th minute, following the outcome of which VG.J gained the upper hand and picked up the Roshan'а. After this fight the Chinese squad started gaining a serious advantage.

Team Liquid were doing their best in order to turn the tide of a meeting, but VG.J were proving the status of leaders at every turn. A longlasting blockage of the European team led to fatal results. Another Aegis let VG.J confidently enter the opponents' highground and finish the map in their favor. 

On the second map VG.J were still showing an agressive game, but this time Liquid, leaving those actions without response, concentrated on the gold. The Chinese squad held many ganks, but, due to that, had an advantage in the charts. 

The first teamfight took place on the 19th minute, when Team Liquid got the sufficient artefacts on their main heroes. An excellent combination of the massskills let the Europeans pick up the fight and, consequently, take two towers and the Roshan. With the Aegis, Team Liquid entered the lower side of VG.J, who gave up on the 25th minute.

After a peace on the first minutes of the third map, VG.J started carrying dynamic actions and took the lead. On the 17th minute the Chinese squad had 10 frags vs 2 frags by Liquid.

VG.J were fully dominating the rivas in the fights and had an advantage in 6 000 of gold. Team Liquid managed to bounce back, using their heroes at full performance, skilled for a splitpush. On the 30th minute, the Europeans managed to destroy the opponent's lower side, taking Roshan'а and making VG.J trash around the map. 

Despite a loss in the fights, Team Liquid, with the help of slitpush, destroyed the central line, then even making mega creeps. VG.J went to the limit, but still failed to reach the enemy's throne, meanwhile Morphling and Beastmaster have effortlessly smashed the main enemy's building. 

A start of the 4th map was fully dictated by Team Liquid, proved by the score of 8:1 on the 10th minute. An excellent move was gained by Anti-Mage, who was outscoring the enemy's carry in 2000 of gold.

On the 25th minute, VG.J held the first victorious fight, picking up 4 heroes in an exchange for Storm Spirit. This didn't affected the force balance on the map, so Team Liquid continued heir domination. The Chinese squad was looking quite helpless and the first enter on their highground became a fatal one. Team Liquid — the chamions of SL i-League StarSeries S3!