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Talismans of WESG Grand Final 2016 presented by Alipay

The WESG 2016 Grand Final (hosted by Alisports with its title sponsor Alipay) will be held from January 12 to 15 in Changzhou Olympic Sports Center. On the eve of the finals, we are glad to present you the brand new WESG mascot combination: the leopard «Gank» and the chipmunk «Carry», who will be the ambassadors of the WESG image, waving their friendly tiny paws to welcome the Esports fans from all over the world.

The main image: One of the WESG mascots — Gank, whose core design concept is derived from a rapid snow leopard, is representing fast reaction, accurate action and the unstoppable force, which are necessary in Esports.

Name: The name Gank comes from common language ‘gank’ in Esports , it's familiar to every Esports fan.

Facial design: Gank's face is designed with the most visible part of the face of a snow leopard - the distinctive nose and the alert eyes, drawing a lifelike snow leopard face with the simplest lines. On his forehead is dotted with a distinctive symbol of bright blue hexagonal speckles — it is an electronic leopard with the dream of Esports champion.

Body Design: Gank’s body is anthropomorphic, just like a eSports player, which is wearing eSports player suit and gloves, meeting the challenge with the most confident attitude at any time. In the tail part, there are also bright blue spots. At the end of his fluffy snow leopard tail, there is a translucent structure, highlighting the electronic leopard’s unique personal style.

Design concept: The eSportsman must have not only the fast reaction and the best strategy, but also needs to be forbear and wild: The snow leopard which is famous as  “The king of snow mountain” is not only good at hiding itself, and lurking to wait for chance. When it comes to attack, the snow leopard will show his most wild side — just like the eSports players’ performance in the game. We hope that the snow leopard image of Gank can show the most courageous, the most accurate side of eSports player.

Theme image: The second WESG mascot — Gank’s partner Carry has the rapid and petite chipmunk as her main image. It represents the other side of eSports players: winning by wisdom, the weak overcame the strong, quick and changeable tactical thinking.

Name: The name Carry is also from eSports common language carry. It’s also the word which is often used together with Gank.

Facial Design: Carry’s face applied the cute image of chipmunk. The small squirrel ears can arise adorable feeling, but from the sharp eyes we can know that, as the partner of Gank, Carry is also worthy. This gaming partner not only has a perfect tactic understanding, complementary personality style is also the magic weapon on the court.

Body Design: The body design of Carry is quite simple. In the right part of Carry's thigh, the same hexagonal pattern can be seen like the one on Gank. And her most distinctive part is still her tail, it is different from the general furry squirrel tail. Carry’s lightning shape tail represents her agile and witty side.

Design concept: Relative to the wild, brave Snow Leopard Gank, we cannot ignore the inner side of the eSports players, the most exciting thing in the eSports events are nothing more than those wonderful reversal and inconceivable strategy. The witty, fast chipmunk Carry is just like Gank’s army adviser, stepping on the peak of eSports together.

Gank and Carry: The adventure story will begin soon

One «cat», one «mouse», one is wild and the other is agile, there is a unique story they have behind. They come from Myron-Cyber, a highly developed science and technology city. In this modern city, eSports has gradually integrated into the lives of everyone, and our heroes — Gank and Carry as partners keep on challenging the champion. The adventure story will officially begin today!