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Talent list for the LAN-finals of DOTA Summit 7

The final stage of the seventh season of DOTA Summit 7 kicks off on June 14th. Eight of the strongest teams will enter the fight for $100.000. We are glad to present you the list of casters and analysts, who will cover the championship's matches for you during five gaming days. 

The team of English-language talents will cover the clashes right from Los Angeles and will keep you up-to-date about all events of the tournament.

The English-language studio: 

  •  David «LD» Gorman
  •  Dominik «Lacoste» Stipic
  •  Grant «GranDGranT» Harris
  •  Charlie «Charlie» Yang
  •  Peter «ppd» Dager
  •  Ioannis «Fogged» Loucas
  •  Dakota «KotLGuy» Cox
  •  David «GoDz» Parker


Friendly team of Russian-language talents will do their best to share with you the atmosphere of DOTA Summit 7 and certainly won't let you get bored.

The Russian-language studio's lineup:

  •  Roman «CaspeRRR» Lepyokhin
  •  Alexey «Bafik» Bafadarov
  •  Dmitry «Droog» Chumachenko
  •  Oleg «Feaver» Skarzhinsky
  •  Kirill «Sunlight» Kachinsky


The stream of matches will be held on the following channels: 


All news of the tournament, the format and schedule may be found on the page Summit 7. The records of matches are available for watching on our YouTube-channel.