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T.O.T — the winner of WESG APAC in Dota 2

The crucial stage of the LAN-qualifiers WESG APAC in Dota 2 has reached the end. We've learnt a name of the squad, which was granted the champions' cup and a cash prize of ¥ 200,000.

In the Grand-finals of the tournament were fighting and NoLifer5.Reborn. Following the outcome of a full-fledged bo3-series, the Chinese five secured a victory at the score of [2:1] by maps, becoming the champions of WESG Dota 2 APAC.


Signature.Trust finish on the fourth place

The opposing sides in the third-place-decider game were S1 Lykos and Signature.Trust. The Philippine team has confidently overpowered Signature with [2:0], taking the bronze of WESG APAC.

Matches for the 5-6th place were finished with a loss of two MVP's subdivisions: Aegis and Phoenix. MAX.Y won over MVP Aegis, with the score of [2:0]. In turn, MVP Phoenix lost out to TnC Gaming in a tense fight, giving up on the chances to play within the WESG Global Grand Finals.

Let us remind you that within the confines of the LAN-finals WESG Dota 2 APAC, the teams were fighting for a prize pool of ¥ 500,000 (~$75,000) and 6 slots in the WESG Global Grand Finals, with a total cash prize of ¥24 650 000 (~ $3 700 000).

A prize pool distribution among the participants of WESG Dota 2 APAC:

  • 1st place:  To be or not to be — ¥ 200 000
  • 2nd place:  NoLifer5.Reborn — ¥ 120 000
  • 3rd place:  S1 Lykos — ¥ 60 000
  • 4th place:  Signature.Trust — ¥ 40 000
  • 5-6th place:  MAX.Y и  TnC Gaming — ¥ 20 000
  • 7-8th place:   MVP.Phoenix и  MVP.Aegis — ¥ 20 000

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