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StarSeries: X will accompany dignitas

A destiny of the next ticket to the decisive stage of SL i-League StarSeries S2 was defined during the match between Team-X and HellRaisers. In their by-past games, the Danish and Ukrainian teams have dealt with FaZe Clan and Alternate aTTaX respectively.

The battle for a chance to reach the LAN-finals was set off on the pick of HR — map de_dust2. X gained a small advantage, but HellRaisers immediately cut down the backlog and even outran the rival [3:4]. The Ukrainian squad found a way to wrest the initiative in the first half, going to the change-over with the gap of five points [5:10].


valde and his team will visit Nanjing

In a further game, Team-X carried out a winning streak of six rounds [11:10]. HellRaisers lost the control over the match's tide and soon the Danes clinched three map-points [15:11]. HR tried to get back on track, but X proved to be able to draw a line under the clash on Dust2 [16:14].

A choice of the Danish-Swedish roster fell on map de_cobblestone. HellRaisers prevailed in the pistol-round, but Team-X realized a «force» and overpowered the rival in four rounds at a run [5:1]. However, HR strengthened the onslaught and immediately caught up, going to the attack, while still leading the game [7:8].

The team from Denmark picked up the second pistol-round, but the Ukrainian squad gave a decent response with a winning run [8:13]. HellRaisers failed to punch through the enemy's defense and X were constantly dealing with the opponent's aggression. The distribution of power on the map was finally changed, so  Andreas «MODDII» Fridh and his teammates have not only tied the score, but also paragraphed Cobblestone with a victorious [16:14].


Eventually, Team Dignitas and Team-X become the first winners of the European qualifier of the second season of SL i-League StarSeries. Nevertheless, we still have the third slot in the LAN-finals for EU-division, which will be on offer in the «relegation-match». The crucial stand-off will be held between Team EnVyUs and HellRaisers.