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StarSeries: The victorious start of ENCE

ENCE and Epsilon have met in the second match of the online-qualifier within Group B. The Finnish team has just kicked off its participation at the tournament, while the Swedes have already played one game, during which they had been defeated by ALTERNATE aTTaX.


ENCE had trouble picking up Dust2

The «BO3-series» was started with the pick of ENCE eSports — map de_dust2. The Finns have prevailed in the pistol-round, but Epsilon responded them with a successful force-buy [1:1]. The Swedish squad has carried a winning run of three rounds [1:4], after which ENCE retook the lead and leveled the game at [4:4]. Up to the end of the first map, the Finnish team was holding the leadership, getting ahead of the rival by three points [9:6].

ENCE have triumphed in the second pistol-round and the next anti-eco's [12:6]. Epsilon eSports have lost out in a duo of the gun-rounds [14:6], but they still didn't give up and started the comeback. The Swedes have overwhelmed the opponent in six rounds in succession, but then ENCE eSports reached the match-point [15:12]. Epsilon approached the enemy as close as possible, but they have still failed to lead an encounter to the overtime [16:14].


disco doplan and his teammates were stronger on Mirage 

The match was continued on de_mirage — the choice of Epsilon eSports. ENCE have gained the upper hand in three initial rounds, thus, having captured the initiative [3:0]. Despite the fact that the first gun-round was secured by Epsilon, the Finnish five has coped with the contestant's pressure and never stopped multiplying an advantage. Only at the very end of the CT-sided game, the Swedish team managed to cut down a backlog, but ENCE eSports went to the switch-over, still leading the game [9:6].

Moving on, Epsilon have found a way to level the game for a while and eventually took a lead at [9:10]. The opposing parties were going «neck-to-neck», so none of them has managed to secure the superioritycompletely. Nevertheless, ENCE have never stopped the well-paced Epsilon eSports, thus losing out Mirage with the final score of [14:16].


ENCE deprive Epsilon of the hope for reaching the list of the LAN-finals' participants

In their last clash during the current match-day, the teams have met on a decider-map de_cache. ENCE were defeated in the pistol-round, but still managed to realize an eco [1:1]. Despite the loss in the following two rounds, Epsilon have braced up and tiead the game. As a result of a tough game, Epsilon eSports gained the upper hand in the first half [7:8].

ENCE have prevailed in the second pistol's, but they've still lost the anti-force [8:9]. A few times more the initiative was changing the holder, and, as a result, — a range of the draws has occurred. Eventually, the Finns have destroyed the rival's economy and, with great efforts, drew a line under the struggle on the decisive map [16:12]. Thus, Epsilon eSports have lost the last chance of advancing to the next stage of the European Qualifier.

Screenshot_3The today's matches of SL i-League StarSeries S2 are over now. The encounter within the online-qualifier will be resumed tomorrow. The stream of the games will be held on StarLadder_cs_en.