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StarSeries: Team X vanquished dignitas

The concluding clash of the starting match-day of Group C was the encounter between two Danish squads: Team Dignitas and Team X. The first one has already secured two victories in the by-past games with NokSuKao and AGG, while the second — have only kicked off their way within the tournament.


Team X defeated the rival on their map-pick

The third «BO3-series» for today was started with the pick of X — map de_overpass. dignitas have triumphed in the pistol-round, but they've failed to deal with the enemy's force-buy [1:1]. Team X seized the initiative and picked up seven rounds at a run [8:1]. A lot of the attempts of the T-side were effectively stopped by X, so dignitas lost the first half with [12:3].

CT-sided, Team Dignitas failed to stop the well-paced opponent and defeated him only in three more buy's. As a result — [16:6], and Overpass was put on the X's board.


Team Dignitas lost Mirage with a minimal backlog

The next map was de_mirage — a choice of dignitas. Team X were smashed in the pistol-round, but then they've realized the force and went ahead [1:3]. However, Team Dignitas managed to strengthen the defense and took the winning streak that lasted during eight buy's [9:3]. The efforts of X happened to be enough only for one device-round, so dignitas went to change-over with the advantage of seven points [11:4].

During the second half, Team X lost the pistol-round and two anti-eco's [14:4], but then they've shined with an incredible comeback, not losing a single round up to the end of the match. The final outcome of Mirage — [14:16].


The clash within Group C will be resumed tomorrow. The stream of upcoming matches will be held on StarLadder_cs_en.