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StarSeries S2: HellRaisers leave the tournament

The second tournament day of SL i-League StarSeries S2 kicked off with the «elimination-match» in Group «A». In this game we've witnessed a rivalry between Team Dignitas and HellRaisers. The Danish and Ukrainian five were defeated in the yesterday's confrontations, losing out to GODSENT and Ninjas in Pyjamas respectively.


dignitas secured tce chances of advancing to the Play-offs

The first game with the elimination at stake was set off on the map de_nuke. dignitas chose the side of defense and picked up the initial four rounds, after that HR responded with a victory in the gun-round [1:4]. However, the Danes managed to retain the initiative, prevailing in two buy's [1:6]. Triumphing in a duo of the device's, HellRaisers destroyed the economy of Team Dignitas that helped them to cut down the backlog. However, the Danish five, bracing up in time, secured a double advantage before the switch-over [5:10].

In the second half dignitas were keeping the same pace, overpowering HR in the second pistol and following anti-eco's [5:13]. In a further game the squad from Denmark reached the match-point [5:15], but HellRaisers had no intentions to give up and overwhelmed the rivals in five rounds more. Nevertheless, HellRaisers happened to be not strong enough to make a full-fledged comeback and не Team Dignitas drew a line under the battle on Nuke [10:16].


Thus, HR are taking the last 13-16th place and leave the tournament. dignitas, in turn, will play in a match for the second place of Group «A», where they will have to face off the loser of the pair Ninjas in Pyjamas vs GODSENT.