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StarSeries S2: F3 will play in Quarter-finals

The next ticket to the Play-offs was played in a match between FaZe Clan and FlipSid3 Tactics. Within the yesterday's games,  F3 prevailed over MVP Project, while FaZe lost out to G2 Esports.


FaZe Clan put Train on their board

The stand-off kicked off on a pick of the European squad — map de_train. A choice of the СТ-side didn't help FlipSid3 to secure the starting initiative and they lost three rounds at a run [3:0]. A team from Ukraine has picked up the first gun-round, but FaZe didn't allow them to re-clinch the control, starting a new winning run. Only before an end of the first half, F3 found a way to slightly cut down the backlog, showing the weak performance for the defense [11:4].

CT-sided, FaZe didn't lose a single round and paragraphed the first map. All attempts of FlipSid3 Tactics to hit through the rival's defense were unsuccessful. [16:4] and the European squad opens a score in the countering, coming closer to the advance to Play-offs.

The next map was de_nuke — a pick of FlipSid3. FaZe Clan were defeated in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's, bracing up and responding with the victorious streak of nine rounds [9:3]. Before the switch-over, FaZe lost out only in one gun-round, outrunning F3 in seven points [11:4].


FlipSid3 Tactics advance to the Play-offs

In the further game, FlipSid3 took the second pistol-round and, profiting by the temporary economical weakness of the rivals, prevailed in two anti-eco's [11:7]. Keeping the same pace, the Ukrainian team went on winning and soon leveled the score [11:11]. FaZe Clan used the tactical pause, which didn't cause any necessary changes in their game. F3 made a comeback in the second half [12:16], leveling the map-score [1:1].

In the third time, teams faced off in a clash on the map de_cache. Starting for the offensive side, FlipSid3 Tactics overwhelmed contestants in the pistol-round and following four buy's [0:5]. However, FaZe had no intentions to give up and managed to come to the opponents as close as possible [4:5]. F3 managed to strengthen the attack, thus securing the victory in the first half, gaining the advantage of three points [6:9].

After a small break, FlipSid3 triumphed in the pistol-round and the anti-eco, but still lost the device one [6:11]. FaZe Clan didn't stop trying to get back on track, swapping the winning rounds with F3. The opposing teams were close to a temporary draw, but FlipSid3 Tactics retook the initiative and brought Cache to the victorious end [14:16]. Eventually, the Ukrainian squad goes to the quarter-finals, where they will play against Cloud9.

Screenshot_20In the third «decider-match» for today will compete TyLoo and Astralis. The stream will be held on StarLadder5.