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StarSeries S2: EnVy triumphed over VP

Matches of Group «D» were resumed in a countering between Virtus.Pro and EnVyUs. The stakes were too high, as the loser was destined to leave the tournament.


EnVy proved to be stronger than VP

The French team made an excellent start on de_cobblestone, taking five rounds in a row. The Poles managed to break the shutout, but EnVy retook the control and went on enlarging their advantage. VP were trying to cut down the backlog, but they managed to put on their board only three points more.

After the changeover, Dan «apEX» Madesclaire performed the quad-kill that brought a victory in the pistol-round for his team. However, Virtus.Pro didn't give up and managed to realize the «force-buy». Following four rounds were also picked up by the Polish team. At the mark [14:8] EnVyUs braced up and found a way to paragraph the game [16:8].


In the next match for an advance to the Play-offs will battle Cloud9 and VG. Watch the stream at starladder_CS_en.