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StarSeries S2: dignitas defeated GODSENT

The today's gaming-day within SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries S2 was opened by a clash between GODSENT and dignitas.


dignitas happened to be stronger on their pick

The first venue was de_dust2 — a choice of the Danes. The Swedish roster prevailed in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's, but dignitas picked the first gun-round. Ruben «RUBINO» Villarroel and his teammates realized a range of twelve winning rounds and paragraphed the score with [12:3].

After a small break, GODSENT picked up two rounds in a row. Getting the necessary devices, dignitas pinched through the enemy's defense and gained the upper hand on their pick [16:5].


The best players of the first map

The match was resumed on de_overpass. The first three points were put on the board of the Danish team, but GODSENT took the device one and leveled the score soon [3:3]. However, dignitas didn't give up and regained the control over the game's tide, outrunning the enemy through time. The first half ended with a score of [11:4] in favor of the team from Denmark.

Having swapped the sides, the Swedish team overpowered the rival in the pistol and following two rounds. dignitas failed to get back on track in the buy, and, as a result, GODSENT went on scoring points. Only at the mark of [11:13] the Danes managed to take over the initiative and tie the game for a while [13:13]. dignitas had serious intentions to win and finished the started [16:13].


The following match within the StarSeries will be a clash between FaZe Clan and FlipSid3. The stream will be held on our twitch-channel.