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StarSeries S2. The confident start of G2 & FaZe

Games of the starting day of SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries S2 are still «on air». The next to enter the battle were teams from Group «B»: G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, FlipSid3 and MVP Project. In the first match we've witnessed a meeting between G2 and MVP.


shox has shined in his first match

According to the results of map-pick, squads were to play on the map de_train. The Frenchmen picked up the «knives» and choose the СТ-side. MVP Project won the pistol-round, but still they were weaker in the anti-force [1:1]. In a further game, G2 Esports re-seized the initiative and gained the upper hand in five rounds at a run [6:1]. Before the changeover, the Koreans have realized only one device-round, so G2 secured a comfortable advantage of [13:2].

MVP overwhelmed rivals in the second pistol's, however, again failed to deal with the enemy's «force». G2 Esports effortlessly draw a line under the countering on Train, putting the victorious two points on the board [16:3].


In the second confrontation FaZe Clan and FlipSid3Во faced off each other. A battlefield — map de_train. CT-sided, FaZe carried out a long-lasting winning streak of seven rounds [7:0]. The European squad went on enlarging advantage in score, not letting the opponent secure the initiative. F3 have shown a weak performance in the attack, picking up only two buy's [13:2]. Т-sided, FaZe Clan prevailed in the following three rounds and paragraphed the stand-off on Train. The final score — [16:2].


Follow us, as quite soon is starting a game between Natus Vincere and TyLoo. A stream will be held on starladder_CS_en.