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StarSeries S2. Cloud9 dealt with Team EnVyUs

The opening game in the fourth group was a countering between Cloud9 and Team EnVyUs. This match was the last one within the first gaming day.


Happy and his team were defeated

A clash between French and American teams was unfolded on the map de_cobblestone. nV overwhelmed the opponents in the pistol-round and following two anti-eco's, however, after the lost gun-round they were defeated in nine rounds at a run [10:3]. C9 secured a confident victory in the first half, prevailing over the rival in seven points [11:4].

Keeping the same pace, Cloud9 won the pistol-round and four buy's. The efforts of Team EnVyus were enough only for four more winning rounds. Thus, the NA-squad drew a line under the battle. The final result stood still at the mark of [16:8].


The matches of the LAN-finals SL i-League StarSeries S2 are over for today. You can discover the schedule of games for tomorrow via the link.