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StarSeries S2: Cloud9 will battle in the Semi-finals

Matches of the stage of Play-offs at the LAN-finals SL i-League StarSeries S2 kicked off with a game between Cloud9 and FlipSid3 Tactics. The North-American team went to the quarter-finals  from the first place of Group «D», while the Ukrainian — the second one of Group «B».


n0thing and his team dealt with F3 on their «map-pick»

The choice of C9 fell on a map de_overpass. FlipSid3 took the first  pistol-round and two ant-eco's, however after the lost gun-round, they were defeated three times at a run [4:3]. F3 interrupted the failing-streak and leveled the score at [4:4]. Nevertheless, Cloud9 didn't allow the contestant to take over the initiative and went on enlarging the gap. Up to the end of the first map, the Ukrainian squad didn't manage to take a single round [11:4].

CT-sided, the Americans were defeated in the pistol-round and  a pair of eco's [11:7]. However, in a further game, FlipSid3 lost the control over the map that helped Cloud9 to give a start to the another winning run.  F3 failed to turn the tide of a meeting, and quite soon C9 drew a line under Overpass [16:8].

The match was resumed on the map de_train — a pick of FlipSid3 Tactics. The team from Ukraine overpowered Cloud9 in the pistol-round, but still failed to deal with the enemy's force [1:1]. Winning one round, C9 lost the gun-round and lost the economy. F3 used their weakness and went ahead. The NA-team wasn't always able to withstand the onslaught of the T-side, so before the switch-over FlipSid3 outran the rival in seven points [4:11].


The best players of the second map de_train

In the second half Cloud9 were trying to make a comeback, but their efforts happened to be insufficient and FlipSid3 Tactics paragraphed the started, putting Train on the board [8:16].

«Decider-map» became de_mirage. C9 picked up the knives and chose the CT-side. FlipSid3 were defeated in the pistols and a duo of anti-eco's, but took the first device one [3:1]. Soon F3 leveled the score, but further, Cloud9 took a lead. The Americans prevailed in the first half, outrunning the rivals in five points [10:5]. T-sided, the team from the USA carried a victorious streak. FlipSid3 Tactics failed to brace up, being defeated on the decisive Mirage [16:5].


The quarter-final's match, within which will face off Astralis and Ninjas in Pyjamas. The game's stream will be held on starladder_CS_en.