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StarSeries: PENTA Sports are disqualified

The German five and their supporting organization are disallowed to continue the participation at the tournament and immediately stop their performance at SL i-League StarSeries S2. The reason for this ban became the nonprofessional approach and dereliction to the championship of PENTA Sports.


mikeS and his teammates have disappointed the fans by their game at StarSeries

The team from Germany had refused to play the third match of a group stage of the online-qualifier and in that regard they will never be allowed to participate in any of the StarSeries' divisions

We'd like to remind you that, before the disqualification, PENTA Sports had lost out the both matches, where they were fighting against GODSENT and PRIDE. Thereafter, the Germans have lost the opportunity to advance to the next stage of the second season of SL i-League StarSeries.

The roster of PENTA Sports:  David «Kairi» de Miguel  Tahsin «tahsiN» Broschk  Christian «loWel» Garcia Antoran  Kevin «kRYSTAL» Amend  Mike «mikeS» Tuns

Thus, only three teams are left in Group A. The first place is occupied by the Poles from Team Kinguin, while the destiny of the second one will be defined in the upcoming match between PRIDE and GODSENT. The stream of the decisive game will be able on the StarLadder_cs_en.