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StarSeries: MK leave ENCE behind

In the concluding battle of Group B, the audience witnessed the stand-off between Mortal Kombat and ENCE eSports. The both teams expected to secure the victory, which would signify the promotion to the next stage of the online-qualifier of SL i-League StarSeries S2.


The Bulgarian squad has failed to cope with the enemy's onslaught on their pick 

The clash was kicked off on the map-pick of MK —de_dust2. Having chosen the CT-side, the Bulgarian five triumphed in nine rounds in a row [9:0]. ENCE picked up the eco, but they’ve still failed to intercept the initiative. The efforts of the Finnish squad proved to be insufficient to realize two more gun’s [12:3].

After the change of sides, Mortal Kombat lost the pistol-round and failed the numerous force-buy’s, letting the Finns cut down the backlog up to three points [12:9]. With one more victorious device-round, the Bulgarians have stepped on the losing streak, so the teams have promptly leveled the game at [13:13]. Eventually, MK failed to brace up, so ENCE successfully came back on Dust2 [13:16].


ENCE were beaten on Mirage

The second map was de_mirage — a pick of ENCE eSports. Up from the first minutes, MK were showing a confident defense, thus, having gained the most comfortable advantage of [8:0]. In the further game, the team from Bulgaria has loosened its grip, so ENCE took advantage of it. Before switching to the CT-side, the Finnish squad picked up six buy’s [9:6].

In the second half Mortal Kombat overwhelmed the opponent in the pistol-round and two anti-eco’s, but they’ve still lost the device one [12:7]. However, the Bulgarians didn’t let the rival get back on track, so they’ve managed to effortlessly finish the started on Mirage [16:7].


Mortal Kombat will continue their participation at the tournament 

A decisive clash was held on the decider-map de_cache. ENCE performed a small winning run, after which MK secured two gun-rounds [6:2]. The Finnish five was regularly punching through the enemy’s defense and prevailed in the first half [11:4].

In the second half, MK overpowered the contestant in the pistol-round and two anti-eco’s, but they’ve still been defeated in the device one [12:7]. However, the Bulgarians didn’t let the enemy get back on track, thus, effortlessly drawing a victorious line under the struggle on Mirage [16:7].


As a result, Alternate aTTaX and MK become the winners of Group B and advance to the following stage of the qualifiers.