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StarSeries CS:GO: List of Talents

Well-known commentators in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive discipline have been invited to Minks. Some of them have already covered previous StarSeries events, and some will visit the LAN Final for the first time. Nevertheless, all of them will be waiting for you in Minsk Arena from January 15-17. As you can see below, former player of French team Titan Mathieu «Maniac» Quiquerez has joined us as an analyst, and also we are pleased to announce new commentator of Konstantin «leniniw» Sivko. starladder_csgo_tv_talents_ Team of Russian Commentators and Analysts:  Taufik «tafa» Khidri - commentator / analyst  Igor «SL4M» Sopov - commentator  Jury «Strike» Tereshenko - commentator  Konstantin «leniniw» Sivko - commentator  Fyodor «KvaN» Zaharov - commentator  Aleksandr «HomeR» Lysenko - commentator / analyst  Alexey "xaoc" Kucherov - analyst  Stepan "DonStepan" Shulga - host starladder_csgo_tv_talents_EN Team of English Commentators and Analysts:  Sue «Smixity» Lee - host  Matthew «Sadokist» Trivett - host  Daniel «DDK» Kapadia - caster  James «JZFB» Bardolph - caster  Anders «Anders» Blume - caster  Auguste «Semmler» Massonnat - caster  Stuart «TosspoT» Saw - caster  Robin «Fifflaren» Johannson - caster  Henry «HenryG» Greer - analyst  Duncan «Thorin» Shields - analyst  Janko «YNk» Paunovic - analyst  Mathieu «Maniac» Quiquerez - analyst The final match schedule can be found on our website. Follow the news, subscribe to our groups in social networks and be always at the heart of it all!