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StarSeries: Kinguin were outmatched

Today, within the online-part of SL i-League StarSeries S2 have met Kinguin and dignitas. The winner of a clash was destined to face off against FlipSid3.ESP in the next match, while the loser would have to leave the tournament.

The first battlefield was de_mirage — a choice of the Danish team. Kinguin prevailed in the pistol and following three rounds. Then dignitas managed to break up the shut out, but the Poles clinched the initiative again. However, the first half was paragraphed by Kinguin with the double advantage in their favor [10:5].

Having switched the side, dignitas picked up five rounds at a run, thus reaching a temporary draw, and soon even outran the rival. Time and time again they were punching through the enemy's defense, securing a victory on the first map [16:11].


dignitas succeeded on their pick

The game was resumed on de_train. The team from Denmark kicked off with a highlight reel, picking up six rounds in a row. Then the Polish squad interrupted the opponent's winning streak, putting three points on the board. dignitas regained the control back to their hands, keeping enlarging their advantage, thus securing the leadership in the first half [9:6].

CT-sided, Kinguin leveled the game, overpowering the rival in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's. In the further game, they managed to forge ahead. dignitas failed to give the enemy a decent response, being defeated on de_train [10:16].


Team of SZPERO dealt with dignitas on de_train

The Danish squad made a good start on de_overpass, prevailing over the opponent in five rounds at a run. Then Kinguin found a way to take the initiative back and realized a gun-round. However, dignitas, keeping the same pace, have immediately retaken the control over the game's tide. The Danes paragraphed the side with the score of [13:2] in their favor.

After a small break, Kinguin managed to change the landscape of a stand-off. They picked up the pistol and following three rounds, but then allowed a mis-step, letting dignitas realize the eco. Thanks to that, René «cajunb» Borg and his teammates took the victorious points and put de_overpass on their board [16:6].

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