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StarSeries: Kinguin overpowered PRIDE

In the «opening-match» of the European division’s qualifier of SL i-League StarSeries S2 have met two Polish teams: Kinguin and PRIDE. Recently, the squads have already played each other within the frames of other tournaments, when one of their confrontations was ended with a draw, and another one — with the PRIDE's triumph.


Team Kinguin have made an incredible comeback on Mirage

The match began on the pick of PRIDE — de_mirage. Kinguin conceded the pistol-round and two eco's, but then prevailed in the first device-one [3:1]. However, PRIDE didn't allow the opponent to seize the initiative, having picked up the following four rounds [7:1]. Next, Team Kinguin responded with two buy's, then their rival retook the control over the game and, before the change-over, lost only one more gun-round [11:4].

Team Kinguin prevailed in the second pistol-round, thus having forced the enemy to perform a pair of eco's. Kinguin gained the upper hand in the gun-round, but, after the failure on the B-plant, have let PRIDE restore the economy. Nevertheless, ex-CSGL carried on their way to a comeback, reducing the gap in a score to the minimum [12:11]. Further, the teams were playing on equal terms, eventually leveling the game at the mark of [14:14]. With the tremendous efforts, Kinguin finished the started by putting Mirage on the board [14:16].


repo and his team failed to rehabilitate on Cache

After a short break the fight was resumed on de_cache — the choice of Team Kinguin. PRIDE won the pistol-round, but failed to cope with the enemy's force-buy [1:1]. Kinguin continued to lead, beating the opponent in four rounds in a row [1:5]. Each tactical step of PRIDE was suppressed by the CT-side time and time again, so the first half was paragraphed with a crushing score in favor of Kinguin [2:13].

T-sided, the former CSGL were defeated in the pistol-round, but soon managed to rehabilitate in the buy [3:14]. Team Kinguin have effortlessly gained the victorious two points and, eventually, drew a line under the battle on Cache. The final result — [4:16].


Stay with us, as the next match will start at the stroke of midnight, where GODSENT and PENTA Sports will fight against each other. The stream will be held on StarLadder_cs_en.