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StarSeries i-League S6 Finals: 12 teams revealed

Today we are pleased to announce the majority of invited teams for the next season of StarSeries i-League CS:GO, where we will also see NRG Esports and Fragsters as they won the qualifiers in their regions. Furthermore, it’s time to present you the changes in the system of spots’ distributions for the regional qualifiers, having three teams from Europe and America securing the tickets to the championship in Kiev.

North CS:GO

North will return to the StarSeries i-League as one of the eight invited teams

Overall, eight teams have been invited to the StarSeries i-League S6. Among them, we have a duo of Sweden’s best lineups, Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas, who were semifinalists of the previous season of StarSeries i-League, North, CIS’ favorites from Gambit Esports, and the others. Today, we are ready to reveal six invites, while the names of the possessors of the last invitations will be announced in the near future.

The List of Invited Teams to the StarSeries i-League S6

Fnatic Ninjas in Pyjamas
Gambit Esports North
Renegades TBA
HellRaisers TBA

Besides that, we are announcing changes in the system of spots’ distribution for the regional qualifiers in America and Europe. Instead of giving out one spot per region, we’ve decided to increase their amount to four instead of one for the European division and two instead of one for the American division. Due to this reason, The Imperial, Sprout, OpTic Gaming, and compLexity Gaming joined the participants' list of the final stage of StarSeries i-League S6.

As a result, 12 out of the 16 tickets to the LAN-finals of the next season of StarSeries i-League have already been handed out. The last four spots will be filled by the winners of the Asian qualifier and two more directly invited teams, the names of which will be revealed later.

The List of Participants of the StarSeries i-League S6

Fnatic Renegades Fragsters TBA (invite)
Ninjas in Pyjamas North Sprout TBA (Invite)
Gambit Esports HellRaisers OpTic Gaming TBD (Asian Qualifier)
The Imperial NRG Esports compLexity Gaming TBD (Asian Qualifier)

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