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StarSeries i-League GG.Bet Qualifiers: Schedule of the North American Division

Closed qualifying games for the sixth season of StarSeries i-League CS:GO in North America will be held in two stages: the group stage will take place from July 17th to the 22nd, while the Playoffs bracket will be from the 23rd to the 28th. StarSeries i-League GG.Bet Qualifiers will be attended by 12 invited teams.

In the first stage, 8 teams will be divided into 2 groups in the Playoffs double-elimination bracket with Bo3-matches. Four of the best teams will then advance to the Playoffs, where they will be joined by four more invited teams: NRG, eUnited, Ghost Gaming, and Complexity.

Group А Group В
   Swole Patrol    Dignitas
Team One Bravado
Mythic Really Old People
BlackOut Prospects


Schedule of the group stage at StarSeries i-League GG.Bet Qualifiers EDT:

Group А

July 17

  •  19:00  Team One vs. Mythic
  •  21:00  Swole Patrol vs. BlackOut


July 18

  •  18:00  Elimination Match
  •  21:00  Upper bracket final


July 19

  •  20:00  Decider match


Group В

July 20

  •  18:00  Dignitas vs. Prospects
  •  21:00  Bravado vs. Really Old People


July 21

  •  18:00  Elimination Match
  •  21:00  Upper bracket final


July 22

  •  20:00  Decider match


Schedule of the playoffs stage at StarSeries i-League GG.Bet Qualifiers EDT:

July 23

  •  18:00  Quarterfinal
  •  21:00  Quarterfinal


July 24

  •  18:00  Quarterfinal
  •  21:00  Quarterfinal


July 25

  •  19:00  First semifinal


July 26

  •  19:00  Second semifinal


July 28

  •  19:00  Final


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