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StarSeries i-League GG.Bet Qualifiers enter the Playoffs phase

The group stage of StarSeries i-League GG.Bet Qualifiers among teams from Europe and North America is almost over. Both divisions are standing on the verge of the Playoffs, where spots to the LAN-finals in Shanghai will be given out for each of them.

compLexity CS:GO

compLexity Gaming will fight for a ticket to the LAN-finals of
StarSeries i-League S7

Eight teams have participated in the group stage of the American qualifier for StarSeries i-League CS:GO. Only half of them managed to make it to the next stage: Team One, Rogue, FURIA Esports, and Team Envy. 

Winners of the Group Stage
Group A Group B
Team One FURIA Esports
Rogue Team Envy

The list of invited teams to the Playoffs

compLexity Ghost Gaming Luminosity eUnited

The aforementioned squads will be joined by compLexity, Ghost Gaming, Luminosity, and eUnited, who were previously invited to the Playoffs. They will compete with the winners from the groups in a Single Elimination Bo3 bracket. 

Schedule of StarSeries i-League NA GG.Bet Qualifiers
CET is stated

  • • 16.12, 00:00 — Ghost Gaming vs. FURIA Esports | Quarterfinals
  • • 16.12, 03:00 — eUnited vs. Rogue | Quarterfinals
  • • 17.12, 01:00 — compLexity Gaming vs. Team One | Quarterfinals
  • • 17.12, 03:00 — Luminosity Gaming vs. Team Envy | Quarterfinals


  • • 18.12, 00:00 — Semifinal #1
  • • 18.12, 03:00 — Semifinal #2


  • • 19.12, 01:00 — Grand Final

In comparison with the NA division, amount of participants in the European Qualifier was two times bigger. Sixteen teams have fought to advance to the Relegation Stage after which the main part of the Playoffs will begin. 

The teams who confirmed their participation in the Relegation Stage are Team Spirit, Red Reserve, Gambit Esports, No Chance, 3DMAX, pro100, and Team Vitality. The last eighth spot will be handed out to the winner of Winstrike Team and AGO Esports match-up, which was rescheduled for 16 December.

Winners of the Group Stage
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Team Spirit Gambit Esports Team Vitality 3DMAX
Red Reserve No Chance TBD pro100

The list of invited teams to the Playoffs

OpTic Gaming AVANGAR Vega Squadron Heroic

After reaching the Quarterfinals, the strongest teams will confront OpTic Gaming, AVANGAR, Vega Squadron, and Heroic. The last one is the replacement of Team LDLC, who decided to withdraw from the qualifier. The final stage of the EU Qualifier will also run by the rules of Single Elimination Bo3.

Schedule of StarSeries i-League EU GG.Bet Qualifiers
CET is stated

  • • 15.12, 20:00 — 3DMAX vs. Red Reserve | Relegation Stage
  • • 16.12, 17:00 — Team Vitality vs. No Chance | Relegation Stage
  • • 16.12, 17:00 — Team Spirit vs. 2nd place in Group C | Relegation Stage
  • • 17.12, 17:00 — Gambit Esports vs. pro100 | Relegation Stage


  • • 17.12, 17:00 — Quarterfinal #1
  • • 17.12, 20:00 — Quarterfinal #2
  • • 18.12, 17:00 — Quarterfinal #3
  • • 18.12, 20:00 — Quarterfinal #4


  • • 19.12, 17:00 — Semifinal #1
  • • 19.12, 20:00 — Semifinal #2


  • • 20.12, 19:00 — Grand Final

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Full schedule and results of StarSeries i-League GG.Bet Qualifiers can be found here. Subscribe to StarLadder CS:GO on Facebook and Twitter to follow the further progress of the qualifiers.