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StarSeries: HR triumphed over fruits

In the following match, we had a chance to witness a clash between HellRaisers and fruits. It was the first game within the online-qualifier of SL i-League StarSeries S2 for the Hungarians, while the squad from the EU has prevailed over Team Spirit during the by-past meeting.


HellRaisers successfully realized their pick

Yet another «bo3-series» was commenced on the map de_mirage. T-sided, HR kicked off with a highlight reel, overpowering the rival in eight rounds at a run. Then fruits have finally found a way to break up the shut out [1:8]. However, HellRaisers have immediately retaken the control and went on, increasing their advantage. Up to the end of the first half, the Hungarians managed to put on their board only two points more [3:12].

After the switch-over, fruits prevailed in the pistol-round, but HellRaisers proved to be able to fight back by realizing a force-buy. Despite all the efforts of the Hungarian team, the victory on the first map was secured by HR [16:5].

The next in line was a pick of fruits — de_train. The team from the EU overwhelmed the opponent in the pistol and following two rounds, but the Hungarians won the first gun-round. HellRaisers re-captured the initiative, punching through the enemy's defense time and time again. The first half was ended in favor of Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow and his teammates [11:4].

T-sided, fruits failed to turn the tide of a game. HellRaisers proved their serious intentions towards paragraphing the battle by defeating the rival in five rounds at a run, thus having gained the upper hand in a stand-off [16:4].


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